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Fencing - a discipline of Modern Pentathlon

Modern Pentathlon is a combination sport where the athletes must complete five different disciplines. These disciplines include shooting, epee fencing, swimming, showjumping and a cross-country run.

Since 2009, the shooting will take place together with the cross-country run as a combination of discipline ("Combined Event"). Originally shot in modern pentathlon with the air gun at a 10 yards away electronic target with a diameter of 59.5 mm. Since 2011, on the occasion of the World Cup in Rancho Mirage (USA) first time shot with laser guns. Since 2013 in contests four series are shot with a time limit of 50 seconds per series: shortly after the start, after 800 m, 1600 m and 2400 m of the cross-country run. After every 5 hits can go on, scored the athletes in this time no 5 hits, he may continue his run anyway. A time of 13:20 minutes gives 2000 points here. Every second above or below gives 4 points more or less.

In epee fencing a hit within one minute is sufficient to victory. Otherwise, it is called a double defeat. 70 percent of the reachable yield 1000 points. The score for each win more or less is defined in a table (common for 36 participants, such as the Olympic Games, these are +/- 24 points per victory or defeat).

In the discipline of swimming athletes must complete 200m freestyle. Therefor he has 2:30 min. time. This output gives 1000 points, 0.33 seconds above or below it, give 4 points more or less.

Show jumping horses are provided by the organizer and drawn against the athletes. The competitors have to ride a 350 and 400-meter course with 12 to 15 obstacles. An error-free ride gives the maximum score of 1200 points. For spring errors (refusal, fall or drop) 40 points each will be deducted. If the course is not completed, the athlete receives 0 points.

The ambitious of the modern pentathlon are the different requirements to the athlete, in addition to strength and endurance and concentration and quick reactions are required. Finally, the use of the horse as a partner plays a major role and demands a high training cost to the sport of modern pentathlon. All five disciplines are completed with at least one hour interval and the achievements converted into points and added. Since 1996 the disciplines of modern pentathlon are conducted in this order: shooting, fencing, swimming, riding and running. Since 2009 the disciplines of shooting and running will be conducted as a kind of biathlon, the so-called "combined event".

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French educator, historian and sports official, who advocated the revival of the Olympic Games and is responsible for the founding of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has launched the modern pentathlon in life. The aim was to embody unilateral specialization along the lines of the ancient pentathlon (wrestling, javelin, discus, long jump, stadium run) and counteract the perfect athlete. Modern Pentathlon was usually thrilled adopted for its claims of courage, coordination, fitness, self-discipline and flexibility till the second world war by members of the military and the police. Many years modern pentathlon was even used as a final test of many European Military academies. Modern Pentathlon, designed as an olympic competition was first held in 1912 at the Fifth Olympic Games in Stockholm (Sweden). 1981 women started for the first time at a World Cup of the modern pentathlon. 2000 then finally at the Olympic Games in Sydney.

The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) is the head organization of all national sports federations of modern pentathlon and biathlon (swimming and running on medium-haul). The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne was founded by Gustaf Dyrssen (Swedish Olympic champion) and Sven Thofelt (Swedish Olympic champion and successful fencer) on 13 August 1948. For UIPM, based in Monaco, currently comprises 98 organizations. Acting President is Dr. Klaus Schormann. The German Association for Modern Pentathlon (DVMF) was established on 27 May 1961 in Warendorf. He's association in the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). The twelve regional associations of the DVMF together include approximately 115,000 members. Performance centers of the modern pentathlon are in the german cities of Berlin, Potsdam, Heidenheim, Bonn, Marktoberdorf and Darmstadt.

The Berlin Association for Modern Pentathlon was founded in 1969. Since 1973 he is a mainstay of the German Association for Modern Pentathlon. In 1974, the State Training Centre in the Olympic Park Berlin was established for the Berlin athletes, which has meanwhile been modernized to meet the requirements of the regulations to provide much better training opportunities.

The performence center of Potsdam was founded in 1990 by 21 former modern pentathlon fighters of the 60's of the Brandenburg Association for Modern Pentathlon. 2009 Performance Centre Potsdam was appointed to a Federal junior base due to its sporting success and the many enthusiastic fighters.