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On the 19th June 1991 a new company took its first steps. No one could have
guessed the impact this company would have on the development of fencing in
Germany and at the international level.

By 1993, ARTOS had already established itself on the international fencing stage,
supplying its high-quality products to companies such as France Lames, among
This development did not go unnoticed at the competitive sports level.
In 1994 the SG31 scoring machine, which was to revolutionise the sport, was already
in use, not only at the German Championships in Ludwigshafen, but also at the
European Championships in Krakow.
This was just the beginning for this new detection technology, whose record of
success has risen, from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta to Beijing in 2008.

By the mid-90s ARTOS’s high-quality products had reached the attention of Emil Beck, 
the trainer-icon of German fencing. Beck endorsed ARTOS and the very high quality
of its products leading to the company outfitting the Olympic Centre, Tauberbischhofsheim,
with its leading detection technology. 
This ‘medal maker’ from Tauber was also impressed by ARTOS’s fencing clothes: for
him it was, “A very good alternative to the other commercially available products.”

In 1997 production began for the prototype of the lightweight and innovative ARTOS-
Fencing Piste.
Following a successful series of tests at the State Training Centre in Halle/Saale, the
lightweight piste was ready for its first major appearance at the German Championships.
At the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 the piste was tested at the highest level as world
champions battled for gold, silver and bronze.
The final breakthrough for the new piste was attained at the 2005 World Championships
in Leipzig. The 75 coloured pistes were a signpost for the future of fencing and were also
the high-quality foundation for victories and defeats at the 2007 World Championships in
St. Petersburg, the 2010 European Championships in Leipzig, the 2014 European Cadet
and Junior Championships in Jerusalem and the World Cup Fencing and Modern Pentathlon.
The patented ARTOS-Piste is used in over 145 countries around the world!

Through the successful cooperation between ARTOS and the German Fencing Association,
new standards in tournament organisation were set at the European Championships in
Leipzig, which became one of the most successful European title bouts in history.

Today, ARTOS is a globally recognised brand name and one of the largest and most
innovative suppliers of fencing products.
Successful partnerships with the FIE within the framework of the “International Development
Program” and also with the shoe manufacturer, Nike, further reflect the potential and qualities