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In 2005, the ARTOS-Fencing Piste was homologated and received the official seal of quality from the Technical Commission of the World Fencing Organisation (FIE).
In 2011, six years later, the FIE demonstrated its high level of confidence in the company and placed a special order with ARTOS.
With this order, ARTOS delivered 140 fencing pistes with the FIE-Logo to 70 countries all over the world.

Following successful tests during the German Championships in 1993 at Ludwigshafen and at the European Championships in 1994, the SG31 scoring machine was used for the first time at the Olympic Games in 1996 in Atlanta. This was the breakthrough for ARTOS, and from this time onwards fencing at the competitive level without this type of scoring technology has been unimaginable.

In 2012, ARTOS equipped the British Army for modern pentathlon events and negotiated an equipment partnership.

In Scandinavia, Anders Haglund has proved a valuable cooperation partner for the organisation and distribution of ARTOS products and is responsible for the consistent growth of ARTOS’s presence in the region.

Henk Uijting is our representative in the Benelux countries and is responsible for organising national dates for the ARTOS Tournament Service and overseeing the distribution of all ARTOS products.

Over the last few years, especially in the promotion of young people, ARTOS can count its performance in The Netherlands as one of its strongest credentials.

In 2008, the Fédération Francaise d’Escrime placed a large order for ARTOS-Fencing Pistes.
Satisfaction and confidence in ARTOS products is still going strong today.

ARTOS has delivered its pistes to a variety of Spanish clubs, including the Club Esgrima Barajas, Real Spain – the Royal Guard, the University of Valencia, the Spanish Air Force, and the Fencing Fédération Catalana.

In 2009, ARTOS installed its steel fencing pistes at the Academic Fencing Club Bern (http://afcbern.ch/gallery/berner-florett-2012).
Word of the satisfaction with the pistes got around quickly, whereupon ARTOS was asked to equip more Swiss fencing clubs, such as St. Gallen (www.fechtclub-sg.ch), Frauenfeld (http://www.fechtklubfrauenfeld.ch) and Lausanne (http://www.escrime-lausanne.ch).
The next tournament, the Swiss Championships (01- 02 November, 2014), will be held on the new ARTOS-Pistes.

ARTOS FENCING was founded on the 19th June 1991 and very quickly made its mark on the competitive fencing world. By 1994 the SG31 scoring machine, which was to revolutionise the sport, was already in use at the German Championships in Ludwigshafen and later appeared at the European and World Championships, as well as the Olympic Games.
By the mid-90s ARTOS’s high-quality products had reached the attention of Emil Beck, the trainer-icon of German fencing. Beck endorsed ARTOS and the high quality of its products resulting in the company outfitting the Olympic Centre, Tauberbischhofsheim, with its leading scoring machine technology.
In 1997 production began for the prototype of the lightweight and innovative ARTOS-Fencing Piste. Following a successful series of tests at the State Training Centre in Halle/Saale, the lightweight piste was ready for its first major appearance at the German Championships. The final breakthrough for the new piste was attained at the 2005 World Championships in Leipzig. The 75 coloured pistes were a signpost for the future of fencing and with a successful cooperation between ARTOS and the German Fencing Association were a hit at the 2010 European Championships in Leipzig.

In 2011, ARTOS was the official outfitter for fencing pistes at the European Championship in Klagenfurt, further consolidating its cooperation with Austria.

In 2004, ARTOS presented its fencing piste at the Olympic Games in Athens along with its SG31 scoring machine.

ARTOS is an advocate and supporter of the International Charity Foundation - For the Future of Fencing – and values its collaboration with Alisher Usmanov.

In 2007 ARTOS supplied the fencing pistes for the World Championships in St. Petersburg.
Since this time the Russian Federation has been an important cooperation partner.

ARTOS outfitted the Indian national fencer, Ruchi Trikha, with fencing clothing, thereby taking her to an international level.
ARTOS’s collaboration with India is ongoing.

ARTOS-Fencing Pistes were used by the Chinese Fencing Organisation at all preliminary-and qualifying tournaments, as well as at training camps in preparation for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

In 2014, ARTOS was the official outfitter of the European Cadet and Junior Championships in Jerusalem with more than 2,500 competitors.

In 2016, ARTOS delivers their fencing pistes for the largest sporting event of the year, the summer olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

Credentials details

Credentials details


  • 2014 European Cadet and Junior Championships Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2011 European Championships, Klagenfurt, Austria
  • 2010 European Championships Leipzig, Germany
  • 2009 European Pentathlon Championships Leipzig, Germany
  • 2007 World Championships St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2006 European Championships Poznań, Poland
  • 2005 World Championships Leipzig, Germany
  • 2004 Olympic Games Athen, Greece
  • 1996 Olympic Games Atlanta, USA
  • 1994 European Championships Krakau, Poland



ARTOS Managementsystem




  • Fencing Club Bern, Switzerland
  • KAC Association Klagenfurt, Germany
  • National Olympic Training Base Bonn, Germany
  • Fencing Club Moosbach, Germany
  • Fencing Club Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Germany
  • National Olympic Training Base Tauberbischofsheim, Germany
  • National Olympic Training Base Berlin, Germany
  • Fencing Association Leipzig, Germany
  • Fencing Association Halle, Germany



  • World Championships 2007 – 2012
  • Universiade Games 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013
  • Junior & Cadet World Championships 2007 – 2013
  • Most of senior Worldcup and Grand Prix competitions
  • Olympic Games 2008, 2012
  • Panamerican Games 2007
  • Junior European Championships Torun 2013
  • Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2011


  • Universiade Games 2013
  • World Combat Games 2013
  • Olympic Games 2012
  • South American Games Medellin
  • Women Epee Senior World Cup Leipzig
  • Women Epee Junior Worldcup Laupheim
  • EFC Men Foil Junior Worldcup Halle
  • Paralympic Games London 2012
  • Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2011

Final Fencing construction with network TV and Livestreaming

Final Fencing construction with network TV and Livestreaming