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Favero Electronics - reliable supplier and exporter for fencing sport

Favero, is among other a manufacturer of a wide range of fencing-detection systems and accessories such as cables, plugs and connectors. These are high-quality products that are exported worldwide. Favero is a company certified under ISO 9001 and owner of the approval of FIBA.
The fencing products of Favero consists of two categories - 1. signalling apparatuses and 2. Fencing scoring equipment. The category of signalling apparatuses include sensors for wireless fencing, electronic test equipment, electronic target EFT-1, FIE approved combined units, electronic repeaters of the signalling lights and electronic miniaturized devices for fencing training and aid.
ARTOS Fencing focuses particularly on the sale of the signalling apparatuses. These are used at small tournaments as well as at major events.
Favero here offers three different models, the full-arm 01, the full-arm 05 and the full-arm-07. All three indicators are normed according to the FIE and provide the function for all three weapons. The difference in the signaling devices can be found in the various functions and finally in the price.

The ARTOS bestseller is the Favero detector FA-07 and must be mentioned. He convinced by clear value, which in turn is interesting for all fencing clubs because they can finally afford a full-featured alarm device itself. For better readability and aesthetics information may be displayed in different colors. The Favero FA-07 is easy to carry, despite its compactness. The hit count and number of matches are easy to recognize by large numbers and good visibility. The high light intensity helps to achieve better visibility. Favero speaks of 180° visibility, due to protrude positioning. All information of the battle can be displayed by a background lit graphic display in up to 5 languages. The use of highly efficient LEDs support greatly reduce energy consumption.
The FA-07 is the first fencing apparatus equipped with an Ethernet port connection. A network connection can thus be used for easy management of a competition or to update the software. In addition, the FA-07 Favero has two interfaces, which are used to transfer all data to external recording and display systems, video systems, and for TV Spots. All the 5 ports are opto-isolated to protect fencers from dangerous high voltages.
The Favero FA-07 features a sturdy metal case with a transparent, shock-resistant and cut off the front page. The Sound volume is adjustable. For the results display, the end of time, the chronometer and the display case of malfunction, there are different tones. For the display of fast consecutive hits, has the Favero Full-arm 07 a epee-practice mode. For medical measures on the piste there is a pause button.
The value of Favero detector unit is topped by its standard accessories such as the infrared remote control, AC adapter, the transport case, the cable for connection to the repeater displays and that the cable for battery charging and connecting to the remote control.

From the category, the cable reel, cable and connector ARTOS recommends Favero cable reel for fencers, the Millennium Reel. With the direct connection of input / output Favero has found an innovative solution and abolished the problem of rotating contacts. The cable carrier coil requires only 20 revolutions around the entire cable wrap, which is also a reason why the springs is said to have a long life. In addition, the center pin around which wind the springs, has a large diameter, the spring puts less strain. And finally, three other springs made of special high-quality steel band used. Favero promises at the Millennium Reel increased life of the cable, which is justified by the diameter of curvature, as this minimizes the number of bends. In order to prevent major kinking of the cable at the clutch output and to cushion the strain and stress on the cable, Favero has built a 10 cm long spring on the clutch connection. By moderating the speed of the high take-up system can be reduced and the recoil of the cable reel when releasing the clutch connecting is a thing of the past.
The Millennium Reel by Favero consists of a robust stainless steel container. It is easy to clean and to transport very well due to its shape and size and store.
ARTOS uses the top of the cable reel very much for advertising and offers this also for clubs and their club logos.