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Allstar was founded in 1964 by Hanne Messemer and her son Roland. Quickly the Allstar company developed and finally among into the leading manufacturers of fencing articles. In 1965, for the first time Allstar equipped german and foreign fencers for the World Cup. Three years later Allstar became official supplier for the German Olympic team but also of other teams, like fencers of the USSR, Italy and France. Since the World Cup in Hamburg 1978 Allstar was the undisputed No. 1 of the fencing suppliers worldwide.
Since this time, the red Allstar-logo is to see on at least 80% of the fencing equipment of the participants of World Championships or Olympic Games. In 2002 Allstar became official supplier of the International Fencing Federation, FIE.
The success of the company Allstar began with the first elastic fencing suit of the world and a wear warranty of one year. The fencing suit by Allstar allowed an suddenly unusual freedom of movement to the fencers, the requirement that needs to give its dynamism to the fencing. Also the first safety fencing suits and Rollbags in fencing are resulted of the Allstar company. 1981 Allstar has developed the first microprocessor-controlled fencing detector and 1987 the first universal detector for all three weapons. Allstar thus belonged to the leading suppliers of fencing equipment at World Championships. And finally also for the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992.
Because service was very important since the foundation of Allstars, direct sales was finally introduced. Equally the idea for the tournament service was revolutionary. Allstar is quality "Made in Germany" because the safety equipment is to 100% made in Reutlingen.
Allstar has the world's largest selection of fencing items like fencing suits, masks, blades and -bags at fair prices.
All Star stands for quality, innovation, selection, value and service.


Uhlmann became the world's leading manufacturers of fencing articles with his vision of "Perfection for fencing and its stakeholders".
High-performance technology, solid workmanship and design were the fixed scale. Uhlmann stands for quality and safety, and thus became a competent partner for clubs and associations, as well as the individual fencing athletes.
Uhlmann has over 3000 fencing items and supplies meanwhile more than 80 countries in the world. Uhlmann is always keen on new developments, improvements, the highest standards of quality and safety controls.
Uhlmann has experience in the installation of fencing systems and has made a name for itself as a supplier of Olympic Games, World Championships and numerous individual competitions.
Very much in a personal service is the Uhlmann company and there want always to be an enrichment for the fencing.
With tested weapons, masks, fencing clothes and high-performance tournament systems, Uhlmann delivers quality and safety, as all articles by the FIE are tested and approved. The fencing clothes by Uhlmann are high quality, breathable, modern cut, and reliably processed. They're in all sizes or on request tailored in his own Studio.


The Leon Paul fencing brands produced in London and distributes its products all over the world, as well as in Germany. Leon Paul wants to differentiate themselves with his fencing articles in fencing as well as visually.
Directed by former olympic fencers Leon Paul stands for quality, innovation and personalised fencing material. Leon Paul’s fencing equipment is known for their durability and their custom-tailored sizes. Therefore, the products even find at reputable companies, brands and personalities such as Mariel Zagen UNIS, Mercedes and BMW, James Bond and Xerox their use.
Leon Paul is also sponsor of the fencing teams of the Fédération Française d'Escrime (FFE), the Australian fencing Federation, British fencing, the United States fencing Association (USFA) and real Federación Española de Esgrima.


Fencing.Net is online platform and shop in the area of the fencing sport. Fencing.Net would like to convey the joy of the fencing with his resources and tips, and inspire more people for this sport. Initially, Craig Harkins operates the website as a hobby. In 1995, he began an education as a service provider. It was part of his education to learn about the internet and to create a webpage. Because fencing was Craig's passion, a page about fencing was born. Fencing.Net began with reports of old exercise magazines, notes and about various tournaments. Pretty soon, Craig met Serge Timacheff, who is responsible for the photographs from Fencing.Net. In the course of time, an online community of fencers grew up and Fencing.Net - forums, where active members discussed. Since 2005, Craig operates the business from Fencing.Net in full-time and has several employees. Fencing.Net has also an extensive fencing article shop in addition to the numerous reporting of latest competition results.


Since the 16th century, the fortress-city of Verona an important production base for the supply of arms to the Winged Lion armies of the "Serenissima" Republic of Venice. The development of a tradition in the region Verona for high quality, handmade, attributed weapons and related products, with the authority to that period.
White were poor in the city of Scaliger made important military actions. Examples valued pieces are kept in museums and private collections and a precise historical references of a period, the main characters as the skillful craftsmen and artists of Verona, at the top in terms of other prestigious school in Italy.
The Master manufacturer Negrini & Son, first established in 1897, was one of the first to give a substantial contribution to strengthening the knightly arms and the "noble art" in Italy. More recently, Negrini & Son was the official supplier to the Royal Italian Army, the Royal Italian Navy and the Italian armed forces. After the Second World War, thanks to its ever increasing quality of production of white arms and fencing equipment and the ingenious and learned contribution Angelo Negrini, Negrini & Son considerable success in foreign markets. The company today Negrini Fencing Line, under the leadership of Mrs. Anna Negrini and her two sons, Paul and Michael, is an attentive interpreter of the growing needs of world markets, paying careful attention to style and quality production. Special care is taken to ensure the continuation of a respected tradition in the service of modern fencing.
Negrini Fencing Line has reached the highest in fencing, with many Olympic athletes viewed. On their products In particular, Valentina Vezzali women film (Olympic medals: 1 gold and 1 silver in Atlanta 1996 2 gold in Sidney 2000 1 gold in Athens in 2004) and the Italian National Junior Championship team would not be without NEGRINI FENCING LINE equipment. Negrini Fencing Line has reached the highest in fencing, with many Olympic athletes viewed. On their products In particular, Giovanna Trillini (1992 Olympic Gold (single) and 1996 Olympic gold medal (team) and bronze (single) women medallions film; Valentina Vezzali 1996 Olympic gold (team) and silver (individual) medal - Women thwart would not be without their Negrini Fencing Line equipment.
Negrini Fencing Line has evolved over the years, has become a synonym for quality, style and reliable equipment.