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Tips for choosing the right fencing equipment

The fencing equipment of a fencer is really special, the dress is white and tight fit. It looks very elegant and adds up fencing a certain status. But the appearance of a fencing equipment plays a rather minor role, more important is its safety for the fencer. Therefore, a fencing equipment should correspond DFB guidelines and the FIE standards (Certified) and consists only of certain materials. In today's fencing clothing is a special fabric for safety incorporated, similar to bulletproof police-west.
For pants and jackets particularly resistant materials are used. For the jacket is the weapon arm, that means from the shoulder to the wrist, and the front of the jacket produced of a reinforced material. The fencing clothing is often made of materials such as cotton, nylon and Dyneema. The indication of the force in Newtons is to show how much the appropriate garment of fencing equipment must withstand a particular test item at least.
Also for fencing equipment includes a chest protector, which must be worn by girls and women. Boys and men are advised to wear a cup/ jockstrap.
A undervest also belongs to a fencing equipment. The Plastron in most cases consists of the material Aramid (800 N) and should be put into the trousers. For the foil fencing an electrical waistcoat is necessary, for sabre fencing an electrical jacket with sleeve, electrical seal, a special sabre glove and electrical sabre mask with mask cable are needed.
A further important regulation and an important note to the fencing equipment is the correct knee sock. Basically the legs must be covered down to the trousers edge of the knee by the knee socks. With the material you should pay attention to a cellular fabric, that absorbs humidity.
Not to underestimate with the fencing equipment, is the glove. He serves the protection of the weapon hand. The glove should consist of leather or a comparable material with long sleeve and an cushion on the back of the hand. He may be stuffed.
The fencing shoes are another criterion for the safe fencing equipment. They should dispose of a nonslip as possible sole to avoid slides on the fencing piste and to exclude therefore injuries.
Finally the fencing mask may not be missing for a safe fencing equipment. This consists usually of a steel-grid network and a plastic-covered or leather-covered wire bow. The inside of the mask is upholstered. To protect the neck against fencing hits, the mask in the front owns a bib from special fabric.
The mask should fit tight and must not fall down during the battle.
The fencing equipment like jacket and trousers, mask and blades of the weapons must fulfil to the test norms of the FIE. Then these are provided with the test sign FIE. It is the duty of every fencer to fence only in entire and intactly fencing equipment, suitable to the regulations (with the participation in tournaments as well as in the training in the association).