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Ladies Panties


Main fabric 92% cotton 8% elastane (BIOPOLISH)
Basis weight: 155 g/m²

Lining fabric 88% silver yarn and 12% elastane (99.9% natural silver)
Basis weight: 125 g/m²

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Product Description


Our product consists of an outer layer of BIOPOLISH and an inner layer of SILVER.

BIOPOLISH represents the next generation of fabrics, created by the environmentally friendly process of biopolishing. In addition to producing unique refining effects, this process can replace many aggressive chemicals previously used in wet processing as it doesn’t cause any undesirable side effects. The end result is improved colour fastness and stability, and outstanding features such as a soft and smooth texture, pilling resistance, and dimensional stability. Performance characteristics are also enhanced, including UV protection, antibacterial properties, moisture management, and self-cleaning. The end product is elegant, glossy, and supremely soft with a fine, high-quality surface appearance.

The inner layer, consisting of SILVER, is an innovative new type of elastic fabric. The fibre is completely coated with 99.9% natural silver which contributes to the prevention of bacteria, germs, fungi, and viruses through the formation of silver ions. The occurrence of body odour is reduced, body temperature is balanced, protection against negative radiation is provided, and regeneration is improved. Strict quality controls and tests, such as "Testing of in vitro cytotoxicity for the biological evaluation of medical devices", ensure that the fabric meets the highest standards. Our products do not contain controversial nano-silver and cause no cell damage whatsoever.

Product features


A product made from Silver-Biopolish Elastic warms you when it is cold and cools you when it is warm. It is your insurance against the unpleasant odours of perspiration, your protection against harmful negative radiation, and promotes good health.
To be worn directly on the skin as day and/ or nightwear.

A very high-quality, exclusive, highly functional, and stylish garment for everyday use. The product is perfect for your home, holidays, and sporting activities, as well as at the office or on business trips.

Treat yourself! Stay physically healthy and be more productive, whilst avoiding harmful chemicals and thus protecting your environment.

Silver-Biopolish-Elastic is very elastic and adapts to your body shape. This ensures a skin-tight fit, giving optimum functionality.

Due to the conductive electrical surface and contact to the body, low-frequency fields will connect less and can be conducted away more easily.

Product informations


Silver products discolour over time and undergo natural colour changes during manufacture.
Materials from nature are characterised by their own individual colour gradient, which is the result of natural processes.

Oxidation plays a key role in enhancing the beneficial effects of silver products. In combination with precious and pure natural ingredients, Nature’s intelligence can work together with the individual needs of your performance.

Our textile products are hygiene products, and as such they cannot be returned after wearing. Garments can be tried on for size but must not be worn for a longer period of time. Silver-plated fabrics react very quickly to perspiration, forming silver ions. If the product shows traces of wear – even through trying on – returns will not be accepted. Detailed sizing measurements, which provide an accurate and easy-to-use guide for you to find your perfect size, can be found on our homepage.

An insulating layer on the silver fabric caused by skin oils or creams, etc. will reduce its effectiveness. A natural lemon detergent, which removes skin oils and dirt, is recommended for cleaning your garment.



Flammable, keep away from fire

Electrically conductive, keep away from power sources

Do not swallow or put in the mouth

Colour / Color change is normal (oxidation).

There is no known intolerance to pure, natural silver or gold. Do not use the product if you have an intolerance to silver or gold.

Technical data

Techniscche Daten


Textile identification
Main fabric 92% cotton 8% elastane (BIOPOLISH)
Basis weight: 155 g/m²

Lining fabric 88% silver yarn and 12% elastane (99.9% natural silver)
Basis weight: 125 g/m²

The in vitro cytotoxicity test for the biological evaluation of medical devices Results:
"The determined growth inhibition of less than 30% shows that no cell toxic substances are released."

The test of the surface conductivity according to DIN 54345-1 or DIN EN 1149-1 results in: 5.08 Ohm

The test for the shielding effectiveness against high-frequency electromagnetic fields according to MIL-Standard 285 VG 95 370, Part 15, Method KS 03S and IEEE Standard 299-2006 shows:
A shielding at over 99.9%

Our packaging


Doing good for the environment with grass paper packaging - and talking about it.

Grass cardboard is environmentally friendly, vegan, and sustainable. Grass paper is made out of sun-dried grass, which does not require any chemicals and comes from land that is not used for agriculture.

You can feel it:
  • a multisensory highlight - grass paper has a slightly rough feel and invites you to touch it
  • the faint aroma of hay and its colour also arouse memories and emotions
  • together we act in a sustainable, future-oriented and responsible manner - it is more than just an additional benefit

Grass paper is...
  • Water and energy saving.
  • CO2 saving..
  • free from chemical substances, mineral oils, and harmful substances.
  • recyclable and compostable.
  • low in weight.
  • suitable for food packaging.
  • readily available, as hay can be harvested several times a year.
  • suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • sourced from compensation areas, so there is no need to create and cultivate agricultural areas. Particularly poor in lignin: lignin is needed for lignification but is biologically and chemically difficult to break down and must be removed at great expense. This process is extremely energy-intensive and produces toxins. Therefore, the low levels of lignin in grass is an enormous advantage.

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